Wold Ecology

The Wold Ecology & RSPB Partnership

Our two organisations have formed a unique partnership, intended to deliver real conservation gains – something we clearly both feel passionately about – as well as delivering major benefits for Wold Ecology clients and RSPB Corporate members.

How does this work and what does it mean for an existing Wold Ecology client?

Quite simply, Wold Ecology would like to encourage you to become an RSPB Corporate member. If you do, you become eligible for a discount of up to 25% on Wold Ecology fees in the first year of RSPB membership and a 10% reduction in every subsequent year that you remain a Corporate  RSPB member.*

How does this work and what does it mean for an existing RSPB Corporate Member?

If as an existing RSPB Corporate member you require ecological services of the sort that are available from Wold Ecology, you are automatically eligible for a discount of up to 25% off Wold Ecology rates in the first year of working with Wold Ecology and for 10% in subsequent years as long as you remain an RSPB Corporate member. *

About RSPB Corporate Membership

The RSPB offers four levels of membership with a range of benefits commensurate with the membership level taken.   These can be seen in full by following the link below but are for guidance only as all fees and benefits can be tailored to the specific interests and budget of your organisation.  Whatever level you choose, you can be assured that your donation is working hard for you, with over 90% going directly into conservation.

The key membership benefits include:

  • Free entry for staff and families to RSPB reserves
  • Volunteering and/or team-building activities on reserve
  • CSR advice & support                 
  • Quarterly copies of RSPB “Birds” magazine
  • Guided walks & expert talks


* Terms and conditions apply and the discount available is at Wold Ecology’s discretion and limited to £2,500