Wold Ecology

Biodiversity Management for CSR

Wold Ecology conducts assessments enabling clients to enhance the environmental condition of a site and increase the value of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portfolio.

A management brief is designed to give the client guidance on the most practical and beneficial management for each feature highlighted from the biodiversity field survey. Wold Ecology produces a report, including annotated photographs covering the following areas of work:

Target Features, a brief field assessment of the target habitats and species of greatest value within and on the borders of the site. Each habitat and/or species is treated as a resource/feature of value to the site and landowner. 

The Current Condition of Target Features based on the biodiversity field survey results. These condition assessments will be based on national guidance.

Nature Conservation Management Objectives outlined for each feature and/or areas of the site.

Management Techniques for Features based on the most practical approach creating a sustainable benefit for the client and biodiversity. Site specific guidance will be given tailoured to the site, constraints and resources available.

Future Monitoring (if appropriate) will outline guidance on future ecological monitoring which would add value to the project, help ensure site management success and stakeholder involvement.

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