Wold Ecology

Arboricultural Surveys to British Standard 5837

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Wold Ecology provides detailed arboricultural reports to the specifications set out in the British Standards 5837:2005 ‘Trees in Relation to Construction’. This is the standard required for determining planning applications and includes:

  • Tree Survey - the initial site survey records the details of individual trees and other vegetation such as hedges and groups of trees. This includes a colour-coded plan showing the retention category for each tree.
  • Tree Constraints Plan - the integration of existing trees can greatly enhance the value and quality of new developments. Careful consideration of the tree stock is required to ensure that appropriate trees are retained and protected. The tree constraints plan will provide guidance on the root protection areas to be retained. This information is helpful in the design process for the development.
  • Arboricultural Implication Assessment - this assessment provides an overall appraisal of the impact of the development on a site's tree cover. It includes visual aspects and the relationship between the trees and future occupiers of the buildings.
  • Arboricultural Method Statement - this statement provides the framework of the practical site works in relation to the trees. Tree removal, pruning work and tree protection measures, including temporary fencing and ground protection, would be included.
  • Landscaping Scheme - the introduction of native trees and shrubs can greatly enhance developments and can replace trees which have been lost, ensuring continuity. Tree and shrub planting may help with screening and softening the visual impact of new buildings, as well as improving biodiversity on site. Detailed soft landscape schemes can be provided on request.