Wold Ecology

Daniel Lombard BSc. MCIEEM

Daniel Lombard BSc. MCIEEM has spent all his working life in the environmental sector. He is an experienced and competent field ecologist with proven skills in species identification across a range of biota and an in-depth appreciation of many aspects of biodiversity, ecology and biology.

He has been involved in the conservation of nationally important seabird populations and the promotion of agricultural habitat improvements at a wide variety of sites.


  • BSc in Environmental Science
  • Great Crested Newt License – CLS01634
  • Bat License – CLS01634
  • Bird Ringing C Licence – C/6298

Daniel has been involved in the conservation of some of the most vulnerable species in Yorkshire. Much of this work has been centred on the promotion of declining species of farmland bird. Daniel is also involved with mammal conservation, primarily Water Voles and Otters throughout the Yorkshire region, as well as helping in a project to determine the status of Pine Martens within the county.

In the summers of 2010 and 2011, Daniel undertook a large study, in conjunction with the Environment Agency, on the conservation of marine birds belonging to a nationally important colony. He has worked at many different sites on the conservation of Great Crested Newts, Otters, Water Voles and bats.

Daniel is currently involved in a number of local projects in which he has volunteered his time and resources. He is a member of Filey Bird Observatory and acts as the recorder for both Dragonflies and Butterflies within the group.  Daniel also acts as an ecologist giving free advice to the Yorkshire branch of Butterfly Conservation including habitat management plans and field surveys. He also contributes to the BTO bird ringing scheme, helping in the scientific study birds.

Daniel contributes to national invertebrate, bird, fungi and mammal recording schemes.